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Beauty Freak

Beauty Freak, owned by Agnieszka - A qualified and fully insured Advanced Aesthetic and Cosmetologist Practitioner. The Beauty Freak clinic, is based on the first floor of Chameleons Hair & Scalp and is a well kept, clean and professional environment.


Agnieszka is extremely passionate about her business, and gets a buzz from seeing her clients happy after a treatment, whether this be a minor or more significant treatment. The difference in somebody's appearance by just having filler in their lips can drastically boost their confidence which can ultimately be life changing! As a specialist in Advance Lip Filler, Aga really loves welcoming clients for this treatment and it's a favourite of her clients too as this is what she does the most of!

Treatments that are offered at Beauty Freak are; 

- Advanced Dermal Filler

- Facial Contouring 

- Hialuronizade, Filler Dissolving

- Eyes Boosters - dna

- Fat Dissolving 

- Semi-Permenant Microblading. 

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See below for our price list

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Price List

Advance Dermal Filler - 1.1ml

Lips, Russian, French or Standard Method


Eyes Tear Trough


Nasolobial Folds


Marionette Lines





Facial Contouring Advanced Dermal Filler Package - Jawline, Chin, Cheeks, Lips













Hialuronizade, Filler Dissolving


Needle Mesotherapy

Head Hear Lost


Face, Neck, Hand

£40.00 - £100.00

Prices agreed for the treatment

Cellulite Reduction, Stretch Marks, Riddance Scars

Prices agreed for the treatment

Eyes Boosters - dna


Fat Dissolving - Double Chin, Abdomen, Love Handles, Bra Fat, Inner Thighs. Outer Thighs, Inner Knee, Upper Arms

Small Area


Large Area


Semi-Permanent Brow Microblading

Initial Appointment


Top Up 

Up to 6 Weeks


Beauty Freak Review - Magdalena
Beauty Freak Review - Magdalena

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Beauty Freak Review - IIona
Beauty Freak Review - IIona

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Beauty Freak Review - Anna
Beauty Freak Review - Anna

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Beauty Freak Review - Magdalena
Beauty Freak Review - Magdalena

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