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Non Surgical
Male and Female

Hair Replacement System

Are you new to hair replacment?

Here at our private hair and scalp clinic our experienced Trichologist can asses your hair loss area and determine the best solution for you during a Trichology consultation.

During your system consultation, you will be shown samples of the available systems where they will be placed on your head which enables you to gage an idea of what you can expect from your non surgical hair replacement system. It's incredibly important to us that not only does the system look great, but you feel comfortable with it - after all it is meant to look completely natural and feel it too! 

If required on fitting we will make you a new hairline and go through all of the options to make you a completely customised and bespoke hair system.  

We understand that hair loss in both men and women can cause a lot of distress. We know that a simple solution such as "shave it off" isn't the solution that you will want to hear, or feel comfortable with and that is why we are offering this replacment system - we want you to feel like the best version of yourself and we have made the process simple for you.  There are no painful surgeries to undergo or any medication to take that could cause long  term side effects. Patent technology combined with a trained expert allows a truly natural an undetectable hair system which integrates with your own hair which blends perfectly and it is unnoticeable by sight and touch! 


One piece fits all is not the case with this system. During your initial system consultation our professional Trichologist will discuss the desired style that you would like, colour match your hair and take measurements for your system to be fitted. Additionally your fitting appointment will be booked and before you know it, you're on the way to your new look! 

This system will need maintenance every month where it will be removed, re-styled accommodating any regrowth that has occurred in this time period and finally the replacement system will be reapplied.

The first step to your new look is reaching out to our Trichology clinic to book an initial consultation. A hair replacement system consultation will cost £50.00 however this amount is then deducted from your final balance once your hair system has been fitted. Your consultation and all appointments following will be held in a private room and will be confidential. 

Hair Structure Analysis
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