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Our Big Move

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A year ago, we decided to make the big decision to move to a larger premises and what a year it has been. I tell you what, we didn’t think a pandemic would have happened within the first year of opening the doors to our shiny new salon!

Hair Salon, Plymouth

In the last year, Teresa has graduated as a Trichologist and continued her education journey, securing an additional qualification in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Ellie completed her Level 3 Qualification and became a senior stylist. Madi also completed her new standards qualification, and Lisa joined the salon, working one Saturday per month and bringing over 30 years of experience with her.

Victoria found even more jokes to tell you all and continued to bring a smile to Saturdays. Libby and Rebecca both joined our expanding team and have settled in so well. We also welcomed Tina, also known as the The Architect, to the salon as well as Paul from Bridge Counselling to ensure you receive a fully rounded service.

WOW - who knew we had achieved so much?

Trichology Treatments Plymouth

We have loved having our new salon doors open to you all, welcoming old faces and new, growing in our space as well as expanding our knowledge. It has been a year to remember and we thought it was time to properly showcase our salon, in all its glory!

Reception Plymouth Salon

We know have six styling stations, including a dedicated barbering station, along with a new and welcoming waiting area. We've been able to expand our team, welcome more clients and make bookings for you all a lot easier.

Our new larger kitchen has meant the tea and biscuits are flowing more than ever and our gorgeous garden space is perfect for our staff to unwind on their lunch breaks. Clients can also having an outdoor space to wait with a cuppa if they wanted to embrace the fresh air!

Relaxation Time, Plymouth

Having the larger salon has also meant that after Teresa worked so hard for 3 years and qualified as a Trichologist, she was able to have her own space for her Trichology clients upstairs. The new Clinic means that she can now diagnose, treat and support those with hair loss and scalp concerns. It also enables our Trichology clients or those a little more anxious about coming to the salon to have their own space to relax without walking through the main salon.

As ever, we’re grateful for the continuous support and we couldn’t have made this big change without all of our clients.

Here’s to the next year, and the many more that follow that!


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